Standard Bucket Capacity (m3) 0.20 Unit Swing Speed (rpm) 9.7
Operating Weight (kg) 5,280 Travel Speed (Km/h) 2.4/4.26
Max.Digging Force (kN) 33.6 Ground Pressure (KPa) 30.5
Fuel Tank (L) 110L


Model KUBOTA V2607L
Type Four-cylinder in line,natural intake
No. of cylinder 4
Bore and Stroke (MM) 87x110
Displacement (L) 3.054
Power output 35kW/2200rpm
Boom, arm and bucket (Mpa) 24.5
Travel circuit (Mpa) 24.5
Swing circuit (Mpa) 18.6
Control circuit (Mpa) 3.4-3.9
Pilot control pump Gear type
Main control valves Negative flow control
Oil cooler Air cooled type
Travel motors KYB, Japan; Variable axial piston motor
Support roller quantities 2×5
Carrier roller quantities 2×1
Travel shoes 2X39
Travel speed 2.4/4.26(km/h)
Drawbar pulling force 45.6kN
Gradeability 58%(30º)
Ground clearance 330mm
A.Overall Length (mm) 5,710
B.Ground contact Length (Transportation) (mm) 3,285
C.Overall Height (to top of boom) (mm) 1,785
D.Overall Width (mm) 1,865
E.Overall Height (to top of cab) (mm) 2,545
F.Counter weight ground clearance (mm) 670
G.Min Ground clearance (mm) 330
H.Tail swing radius (mm) 1,575
I.Track grounding length (mm) 1,910
J.Track length (mm) 2,450
K.Track gauge (mm) 1,465
L.Track width (mm) 1,865
M.Track Shoe width (mm) 400
O.Bonnet height (mm) 1,565
P.Revolving frame width (mm) 1,650
Q.Distance from swing center to tail (mm) 1,575
A.Max.digging height (mm) 5,665
B.Max.dumping height (mm) 4,030
C.Max.digging depth (mm) 3,720
D.Max. vertical digging depth (mm) 2,780
E.Max. Depth cut for 2440m(8')Level Bottom 3,265
F.Max. digging distance (mm) 6,000
F.Max. digging reach at ground level (mm) 5,880
G.Min swing radius of work equipment (mm) 2,090
Swing motor KYB, Japan
Swing motor type Axial-piston motor
Brake Hydraulic oil released
Parking brake Hydraulic disc brake
Swing speed 9.7 r/min
Pump KYB,Japan
Type variable double–piston pump
Flow (L/min) 139

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