AL400 Wheel Loader – WHOLESALE DIRECT $79,900 +GST

180HP Cummins Engine ( Supported by Cummins Australia)
4 Tonne Lifting Capacity
2.0m3 GP bucket and Fork Attachment
Operation Weight: 13 Tonne
Hydraulic Quick Hitch
Pilot Control
Advanced Electric – Hydro Transmission (4 Speed)

Model Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180
Type Watercooled, 4 Stroke, 6 cylinder in line, direct injection, turbo charged
Rated Power 180hp
Rated RPM 2500rpm
Displacement 5.9L
Cylinders 6
Cylinder Bore Stroke 102 x 120mm
Min Fuel Consumption 7L/hr @ 1600rpm
Max.Torque 750N.m / 1500 r/min
Torque Convertor Type Single phase, hydraulic convertor
Torque ratio 2.3
Cooling System Circulated, water cooled
Travel Speed Speeds 1 2 3 4
Forward(km/h) 7 12 27 35
Reverse(km/h) 0-7 0-12 0-27 0-35
Transmission Type Electric over hydraulic, powershift
Shift Forward 4 / Reverse 4
Transmission Ratio Forward 1 “3:91”
Forward 2 “2:304”
Forward 3 “0:964”
Forward 4 “0:617”
Reverse 1 “3:91”
Reverse 2 “2:304”
Reverse 3 “0:964”
Reverse 4 “0:617”
Transmission Pump Gear driven hydraulic pump
Working Pressure 16MPA
Main Drive Type Single Stage, Spur Gear
Gear Ratio “6:167”
Final Drive Type Single Stage, Planetary Shift
Gear Ratio “3:12”
Driving Axle & Tyres Type Driving axle & tyre
Mount Oscillating rear axle, rigid front axle
Tyre Specification 17.5-25
Tyre Pressure Front 0.333-0.353Mpa Rear 0.275-0.294 Mpa
Brake System Service Brake Type Air Over Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Service Brake Pressure 65-98 Psi
Parking Brake Air operated internal expansion brake
Length 7,300mm Width outside tyres 2,310mm
Width 2,500mm Wheel Centres 1,865mm
Height 3,230mm Front wheel to bucket edge 1,050mm
Max.Dump Height (-45o angle) 3,200mm Wheelbase 2,900mm
Fuel 140L
Hydraulic oil 130L
Axles (Main drive & final drive) 2 X 16L
Engine oil 16.3L
Transmission 44L inclusive
Brake System 4L
Type Full-hydraulic articulated steering
Steering Pump Tandem gear driven hydraulics pump. 180L/min
Steering Cylinder 80 x 45 x 327
Cylinder bore x Piston rod
Diameter x Stroke
Steering Orbitrol Eaton BZZ5 – E630C
Steering Angle 38o
Working Pressure 2030Psi
Type Single lever hydraulic pilot control
Boom Cylinder
Cylinder bore x Piston rod Double acting
Diameter x Stroke 125 x 70 x 771 mm
Bucket Cylinder
Cylinder bore x Piston rod Double acting
Diameter x Stroke 140 x 80 x 502 mm
Pump Gear driven hydraulic pump
Working pressure 16MPA
Lifting time (Max Load) 5.29s
Lowering time (Empty) 2.88s
Dumping time (Empty) 0.99s
Total 9.16s

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